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Do you love geese as much as Tallinn does? Tallinn has xxx which is a rare heritage breed and she is in the process of hatching eggs to expand the flock and sell to others with a similar desire to see this breed flourish.


Do you wish you had geese, but don't have a farm or property where you can keep them?


We have a solution for you! We would like to share the best parts of the experience with you!


How it Works:

We are offering Adopt a Goose program at Twisted Heart Alpacas!  You chose one of the available geese on our farm and become his or her sponsor for only $20 for one full year.

Sponsorship makes a great gift also!


When you join the program:

You become an goose's sponsor for one year! Included in your sponsorship package is:


-Your choice of Goose you would like to "Adopt" (Sponsor) for the year. 

- An individualied Adoption Certificate

-A photo of your chosen animal.

-Information about your chosen animal



All of this for $20!


Your participation in the program will help Tallinn continue to ensure the animals are well fed, happy and healthy. Your $20 equates to 3/4 bag of goose food,



** Disclaimer:

Your contribution of $20.00 is used toward covering the costs of daily care for your chosen animal and is non-refundable. Your payment of support does not constitute ownership of the animal but only entitles you to the benefits as listed in the description above. 

Sponsorships are not exclusive to one individual per goose. Others can sponsor the same goose concurrently.

The Sponsorship will last for 12 months at which time you can renew for another year or pick a new animal.


Adopt a Goose

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